Mission and Values

We lead the evolution of control technology and humidification for air conditioning and refrigeration. Our products support customers with the most efficient energy savings solutions. Data-driven services through our IoT platform grant personalised value.


CAREL Code of Ethics: Download

CAREL payoffThe "Connected Efficiency" payoff sums up the CAREL model, the starting point and finishing line for the process of inventing, manufacturing and distributing its systems.

As an innovative consultant and technological partner, CAREL anticipates market needs and proposes high efficiency solutions that also guarantee high performance.

Research, innovation and technology are the cornerstones of the CAREL's success. For over 40 years, it has placed the customer first, offering functionally and aesthetically different solutions with a view to constant improvement.

The values at the root of CAREL’s business activities and practices that guide its daily decisions are:

Business relations with customers are a fundamental part of CAREL’s assets. They refer to the group’s fundamental values which puts the customer first. In order to strengthen customers’ view of and confidence in CAREL, its relations are based on the principles of legality, morality, professionalism and honourability set out in its Code of Ethics.

Since 2007, the group has adopted the lean philosophy, designed to maximise the creation of value for customers. 

Over the years, CAREL has created a network of partnerships with customers (co-development) to achieve a better understanding of their needs, promote innovation and maximise the length of their relationship for the supply of critical components, enhancing the customer lifetime value.

As confirmation of the international market’s positive perception of the group, CAREL won the Best Italian Client Award 2018 with Lloyd’s Register Italia recognising if “for its commitment to obtaining the highest quality standards, combining the need to create products with high energy savings and the possibility to effectively reduce environmental impact”.