High Efficiency for food equipment

Manufacturers of food equipment for the HoReCa sector need to compete in a particularly dynamic market context, driven by two main trends: the now consolidated transition towards natural refrigerants, and the demand for increasingly connected and energy efficient solutions.
In particular, optimising energy performance is essential to both meet the energy labelling regulation requirements, and to position the products in the highest efficiency classes. 

From this viewpoint, CAREL can leverage its proven experience in the field of applied thermodynamics, representing the ideal partner in the development of innovative, high-efficiency solutions that are capable of fulfilling, and sometimes even anticipating, market demands.

iJF for driving variable-speed compressors and Heosone represent CAREL’s high-efficiency solutions for food service applications, developed specifically to meet these needs with a wide range of options available.
The high performance obtainable with Heosone and iJF also helps drastically reduce indirect CO2 emissions, thus allowing OEMs to assign their products the highest energy label ratings.




High efficiency with iJF

iJF is the control platform developed based on CAREL’s extensive experience in the food service market, integrating smart logic for the direct control of variable-speed compressors (VCC) and other modulating loads, such as fans. 

The iJF family has been designed to be flexible and easy to implement for food equipment manufacturers: 
● Compatibility with all the main brands of VCC compressors, already tested by CAREL 
● Serial or frequency control mode
● No external drivers required
● Single or multiple compressors


High efficiency with Heosone

Heosone is CAREL’s one-stop-shop solution for the integrated and synchronised management of compressors, valves and fans operating with propane (R290) in food service applications.
Thanks to advanced continuous modulation algorithms that allow the entire system to operate in synergy, Heosone guarantees best-in-class results in terms of energy efficiency and temperature stability inside the unit.
With Heosone, the potential of rotary DC technology can be exploited even in small-scale applications, thanks to the complete range of compressors designed by Qingan exclusively for CAREL. The wide control range of BLDC compressors drastically reduces ON/OFF cycles, ensuring high performance even at part loads.

The Heosone package is a complete solution, with versions even including all of the following:
●  CAREL variable speed BLDC compressor
● Heosone control unit with built-in inverter and EEV driver
● Heosone user interface
● CAREL electronic expansion valve kit







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