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APPLICA is the new CAREL app for interacting with the latest generation of CAREL parametric controllers equipped with NFC or Bluetooth technology.


APPLICA has been developed to be unique: rather than different versions for each device, there is just one app for all compatible current and future devices.

APPLICA revolutionises and simplifies commissioning and maintenance of HVAC/R units, through the use of a mobile device, without the need for PCs, serial converters, optional terminals, and so on. All of this is made possible by:

  • a simple and intuitive user interface;
  • no new technology or experience needed: smartphones and apps are commonly used by over 80% of the world’s population;
  • wireless connectivity with the devices via Bluetooth and NFC, avoiding the need for additional wiring in the field, something that is often difficult due to the inconvenient places where HVAC/R units are installed (roofs, false ceilings, equipment rooms, ...) ;

APPLICA is currently compatible with the new Heez series, MPXone and uChiller controllers, as well as with the new Bluetooth version of PJEasy, called PJ-BLE. Using the new Bluetooth and Wi-Fi gateways, APPLICA is also compatible with the CAREL c.pCO family devices.




CONTROLLA is the new app developed by CAREL that allows end users to simply control HVAC/R units equipped with CAREL devices.


CONTROLLA, just like APPLICA, has been developed to be unique: rather than different versions for each device, there is just one app for all compatible current and future devices.

CONTROLLA allows local interaction via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, or remote interaction via the Internet, with connection to the tERA portal services, maintaining the same functions for both types of connection.

The main features are:

  • an intuitive user interface, customisable and available in the user’s preferred language;
  • the same user experience for both types of connection, local or remote, to ensure control of the unit both when you are in the vicinity (connection via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi) and when you are off-site (connection via tERA services);
  • compatibility with both programmable controllers and new generation parametric controllers

CONTROLLA is compatible with CAREL devices both with native wireless technology, and without, using the new RS485/Bluetooth and RS485/Wifi gateways.



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카렐은 냉각장치 애플리케이션 선택 툴인 퀵파인더를 제공합니다.


이는 다음 목적을 가진 유통업자 및 설치자를 위해 설계 및 개발되었습니다: 

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Climate tools (기후 툴)

9가지 가습 유틸리티: 공기, 혼합, 가습 부하 1, 가습 부하 2, DEC, IEC, DEC + IEC, 증발 냉각, 가습기 이후 AHU/덕트에서의 조건.


단순 및 직관적, 설계자만을 위한 것이 아닌 필수 애플리케이션.

기후 툴은 미터법 및 영국 표준 시스템 둘 다로 제공됩니다.



pRack size&more (p랙 크기&추가)

유통 애플리케이션을 위한 p랙 툴.


본 앱은 다음을 위해 개발되었습니다:

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  • 정보 검색, 다음으로부터 시작이 됩니다: 카렐 코드, 마스크 지표, 감독명 및 경보 코드.
  • 추가 사무실 및 현장에 유용한 유통을 위해, 선택이나 설치 및 유지 과정 중 제품 정보가 필요한 경우.